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Trent McKenzie’s CV

JANT was formed as a rock band in 2010.  Since then it has expanded to include a technology division, as well as an acoustic panel business.


In March of 2011 JANT, LLC was incorporated in the state of North Carolina.   Awarded a Class 009 Trademark for the name, JANT is protected in the United States from any music-related ventures using the name JANT.


Operating as the CEO, I frequently apply my training and research in the Engineering Entrepreneurs Program and the Arts Entrepreneurship minor at NC State.  These programs have provided JANT with a feasibility study, business plan, marketing plan, financial projections, and copious amounts of market research.


Our first technology release, JANTresponse, will exist on the web and on mobile devices.  To monetize the business, JANT plans for a subscription model.  At a competitive price of $5/mo or $50/yr, musical artists will have access to detailed information about their songs.


Data-driven consulting services will be offered on a per-project basis.  Services include artist management consulting, marketing consulting, and music production.


What JANT aspires to become is the digital home for musicians.  The vision is a universal platform for musicians to get feedback and improve the quality of their creative works.