I am leading a software development project for Android mobile devices.


JANTresponse is a real-time music rating system.  Its mission is to quantify subjective listener feedback and provide a visual analysis of the data.  With more data, songwriters can make better decisions about how and where to improve their songs.  Currently the best option for acquiring feedback on music is to comment throughout a song.  JANTresponse attempts to quantify this feedback to allow for real-time analysis.


After the completion of Phase One, the application will be able to determine exactly which parts of a song are critical.  During playback, the user moves a slider left and right according to how much he likes or dislikes the song.  His response is printed out in real time for visual analysis, showing peaks and valleys where the song was liked and disliked respectively.  So, for example, if the chorus is extremely catchy, there will be a large peak to indicate that the chorus was liked.  Conversely, if the song loses energy throughout the bridge, a valley will be associated with this point in time.  Lastly, an overall score will be printed at the end of the rating process via a linear regression model.


Phase Two will incorporate Multiple sliders for multiple instruments will allow users to give feedback on each variable in the song.  For example, if the vocals were flat during a verse, the user would slide the vocal slider to the left.  If a guitar solo really hits home, the user would slide the guitar slider to the right.  This information will allow artists to see exactly which parts of the song are liked and disliked.  Furthermore, using multiple variables allows users to rate different aspects of a song, such as the mix, audio quality, or sound staging.  Thus, Phase Two will result in a highly detailed rating experience unique to the digital music markets.